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5 questions to ask your practitioner before you hire them

5 questions to ask your practitioner before you hire them

There are many alternative modalities available to us these days; some that require years of training and others that require very little. It’s time for us to start asking some important questions that will help us determine who’s qualified to help us in our health care needs.

As a Nutritional Practitioner and Live Cell Microscopist, I’ve worked with many people over the years and most of my clients are referrals, which will tell you I must be good at my job. There are a lot of good Practitioners out there willing and able to help you, but treat engaging a Practitioner as you would when hiring any other professional.

A lot of us have experienced sitting in a practitioner’s office and asking ourselves “What on earth are we doing here?” By asking these five questions, you will be much closer to finding a practitioner that is ethical and a good fit for your needs.

1.  What are your qualifications and/or certifications?

This will help you determine if you are working with a professional.

2.  Do you have a governing body or professional organization that you are accountable to?

Does this Practitioner have a registration number that may be submitted to extended medical where applicable? Do they have a valid license and insurance? Are they required to do continuing education yearly?

3.  How many years have they been practicing and what do they specialize in?

You may find a highly qualified, well-studied Practitioner right of school that can help you, but make sure all the practitioners you deal with a licensed to work with humans, not animals as we are vastly different. You may think this is a bizarre statement. but there have been instances of such behaviour!

I specialize in cellular support which is one important reason I use Live Blood Analysis as a tool, combined with my nutritional knowledge to help correct what is seen in the analysis.No one should be told they have “bad blood” due to lack of knowledge from someone who claims to be a qualified practitioner. Sadly these are some reports I get from my clients regarding previous people they’ve seen.

4.  How does the Practitioner plan on helping you and how long do you need to wait for your protocol?

Health and Life are about balance. All protocols should consider all aspects of how we live.What foods are we eating and are we eating in the correct balance? Are we hydrating with the correct fluids? How often do we exercise? How do we deal with stress? What toxins have we been exposed to?How does your Practitioner plan to help you create balance or homoeostasis?

5. What are their values or mission statement?

Honesty and integrity should always be first, as well as a vow to Do No Harm.

I have been trained to look for the root cause of health imbalances. I have learned over the years that you need to give your clients some relief while finding this root cause, listen to what they are telling you as they know their bodies best. I learn invaluable lessons from my clients every day and  I could not be happier to see their progress from my teachings and their work.

Once all these questions have been answered to your satisfaction, be aware of practitioners offering extreme results. For instance, antiquated fad diets or the latest wonder nutrient exploited on t.v.

When working naturally there are no quick fixes. If you want life changing results they take time and your effort to see results.