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Your health starts from the inside out

Invest in Your Health. Invest in Yourself.

An investment in your health is one of the best decisions you can make. Your health begins at the cellular level and when you make a decision to care for your whole body through proper diet and nutrition, you are developing the best possible foundation for years to come. Feel better, look better, and live better – it’s an investment that truly pays.

Initial Consult

The initial consultation includes a review of your medical history, supplements, and medications. We will also discuss your concerns and any current medical issues. Please allow for 1.5 hours for the initial consultation.

Once we have a good picture of who you are and what is happening inside of your body, we will develop a protocol that suits your needs.

Live Blood Analysis

A small sample of blood is taken for Live Blood Analysis, which we will then review together and discuss any issues the analysis reveals.

Follow-Up Appointments

Follow ups typically require an hour. This time is spent doing another live Blood analysis to see how you are responding to your initial protocol and any adjustments that may be required.

Group Food Prep Course

Are you wanting to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? This is a fun interactive course where you learn to prepare and cook quick healthy meals.
A bonus is you get to eat or package up what you don’t eat.

Best Start Program

  • Initial consultation
  • Live-blood analysis
  • Follow-up appointment

A New You Program

  • 4-month program, our most comprehensive and valuable package
  • Initial consultation
  • Live-blood analysis
  • Follow-up appointments

Live Blood + Initial Consult

  • Initial consultation
  • Live-blood analysis

Initial Consult (phone)

  • Initial consultation, conducted via phone

Follow Up Appointment

  • Hour-long follow up appointment
  • Live-blood analysis

Group Food Prep Course

  • Minimum 5 people
  • Learn how to prepare and cook healthy meals
  • Dine on your freshly prepared food or pack it up and take it home!

Dispensing Fee

  • This fee applies to all product and supplement purchases

Appointment cancellations must be made at least 8 hours in advance so that others may fill your spot.

Prices do not include GST